selling should seriously consider a pre-purchase or pre-sale valuation

Companies try to acquire each other all the time what made this deal a little unusual or a lot of usual was the fact that both companies were controlled by the same personnel Musk is the lead stockholder in both companies and his first cousin is in fact the sea of Solar City that’s what the company’s look like at the time the deal was announced Tesla was by far the bigger company with the body.

Billion dollar market cap. billion dollar enterprise valueless was a company in trouble not only was it market was its market cap down but it old or substantial amount of money it’s a highly levered company in a lot of financial trouble so not surprisingly when the deal was announced bit of blow back as to whether this might comprise conflict-of-interest the point that you could not let the deal go through well in the following weeks and you continued on on pace in august first both boards of directors to companies.

Not surprisingly OK the deal and the FCC approval came a few weeks later in August the in fact what makes this particular deal unusual is the shareholders in Tesla will actually ha veto okay the deal and Elton Musk actually cannot vote his shares in that here because of the potential conflict of interest now clearly the boards of directors in Tesla and solar city have recognized that this is a deal that’s going to come under special scrutiny because of the potential conflict of interest and they’ve done everything legally that they need to do to cover themselves in fact both boards hired bankers to come in and analyze the United banker is is one of the big money so big investment banks in fact Tesla hired evermore partners in new York-based investment banker boutique investment bank whatever that means.