Doubts About Property Valuation You Should Clarify

It has got the number one university in Australia. So it has also got that really strong international students coming in and again, with counter terrorism and sort of security and – all of that type of stuff says – it gets a lot of government funding.

as well.So if those jobs house valuations on rise in australia are available, it’s a pretty reliable and stable market and because it has probably been a little bit on the nose, I’ve got a watch-and-act on that one.Bryce Foldaway No shortage of job opportunities in Canberra. So there you go, watch and act from Ben on that one.Ben Kingsley Now let’s move into South Australia. So what’s the read on South Australia for you?

Bryce Foldaway Yeah. Well, I think there are a lot of opportunity in but I think more than ever, a bit like – you know, again rewinding months ago when we said in Brisbane.You need to be very careful about where you went. I think that’s the story of Adelaide because it has under performed for so long.But its economy isn’t charging along in huge sort of momentum and they’ve got lower incomes and therefore lower capacity to pay rentals. So I think the outlook for Adelaide’s good in the right.